Join us APRIL 29

for our Annual Volunteer Day!

We are a community-wide movement for everyone who loves our city and wants to be part of seeking its peace and prosperity.

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Annual Volunteer Day

Our community comes together in April for a day of service

Who We Are

Ripon is a community founded upon consideration, fellowship, and most importantly, service. Therefore, join us in looking for ways to serve our city!


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WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY CAME TOGETHER TO LOVE RIPON? get Love Ripon, a community-wide volunteer event where locals with differing abilities and passions participate in various service projects for the betterment of their city. There are volunteer opportunities for people of all ages, physical abilities, and experiences... each working towards giving back to the community and its people. This last year, over 550 volunteers gathered together to tackle projects all over town! They removed graffiti from the bridge, cleaned up trash at the river, painted over 100 fire hydrants, beautified 6 schools with paint & plants, spread bark at 4 city parks, painted a house for a family in need, cleaned 2 yards, worked in 2 of our community gardens, and helped at Triple H Youth Ranch. In addition, they shared the love with our military, Bethany Home, Ripon Consolidated Fire District, and Ripon Police Department.

Whether through our annual Love Ripon event, or with a small group of friends, make an effort to be a helping hand and keep up the fight to keep Ripon the "Jewel of the Valley!"

Here are some of the stories of Love Ripon:


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